2010: More Poetry Collections to Come

Consider this Part II of  Poetry Collections to come in 2010. See my first list.  Several people contacted me (via email, Goodreads, etc..) to tell me about other books due out this year (plus, since I am snowed in, I could do more research).  So here are more great reads:

  1. Glossolalia by Amanda Auchter
  2. Seeded Light by Edward Byrne (Turning Point Books)
  3. Stateside by Jehanne Dubrow (Northwestern UP)
  4. Girl on a Bridge by Suzanne Frischkorn (Main Street Rag)
  5. Within Reach by M.J. Iuppa (Cherry Grove)
  6. My Father’s Kites by Allison Joseph (Steel Toe Books)
  7. Temptation by Water by Diane Lockward (Wind Publications)
  8. Light and Travels of Light by Cynthia Reeser (Finishing Line Press)

Looks like it is going to be a very busy reading year!


  1. Jilly Said:

    Major Jackson has a new book coming out this summer.

  2. […] Consider this Part II of Poetry Collections to come in 2010 […]

  3. I liked Girl on a Bridge
    “When I was seven a wasp
    landed on my lip
    drawn by the sweetness
    of my mother’s red lipstick”
    a good read indeed!

  4. Gary Said:

    OMG, Alex Lemon’s new book (Fancy Beasts) is due out in March from Milkweed Editions. It’s gonna be amazing!!!

  5. Karen Weyant Said:

    Jilly and Gary — Thanks for your responses. I don’t know the work of Major Jackson, but looked him up, and now he’s on my to read list. And I didn’t know about Aliex Lemon’s new book.

  6. suzanne Said:

    Karen, thanks for noting Girl on a Bridge!

  7. My list includes Stealing Dust… got it in the mail this week, and so excited to dig in!

    Thanks, Karen.

  8. Karen Weyant Said:

    I hope you enjoy the book, Katie!

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