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The best advice I have ever heard about how to improve my own writing? Read!  It may be a bit cliched, but reading does improve one’s writing.  So yes, I am a reader.  But I also take time to review poetry books.  I have listed some of my reviews below:

On Eleanor Swanson’s Trembling in the Bones

On Gwen Hart’s Lost and Found

On Brandi Homan’s Hard Reds

On Todd Davis’s Some Heaven

On Kathleen Tyler’s My Florida

On Michael McGriff’s Dismantling the Hills

On Rane Arroyo’s The Roswell Poems

On R.T. Smith’s Outlaw Style

On Stephen Murabito’s Lowering the Body

On Teresa Carson’s Elegy for the Floater

On Jehanne Dubrow’s From the Fever-World

On Irene McKinney’s Unthinkable

On Patricia Smith’s Blood Dazzler and Katie Cappello’s Perpetual Care

On Timothy Green’s American Fractal

On Suzanne Frischkorn’s Girl on a Bridge


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