Dust, Settling

Wow.  Crazy startup.  Enrollment reports at JCC suggest that we are seeing a 17 percent increase in full time students and a 19.7 (.7 of a student?  I will never understand statistics!) increase in first time full-time students.   Newspaper headlines are screaming across the state of New York that community college classes are bursting at the seams.  And yes, I am feeling that stretch — it’s nice to have full classes, but in many ways, it’s sad why I have full classes.  I have students who lost their jobs.  I have many, many students who left their four year college or institution because of tuition increases.  Still, it’s nice to feel wanted.

And speaking of feeling wanted…tonight, when I looked at my blog statistics, I noticed a sharp spike in hits.  Really sharp. I haven’t written anything really interesting lately.   Hmmm..could my students be googling my name?

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