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It’s Friday, I’m in Love

….with these two poetry journals: Cave Wall and Naugatuck River Review.  I was introduced to both journals through bloggers, and I thank you.  I love what I have been reading!

In other news, I finished my workshop with Catherine Bowman today and it was a wonderful week!  Her workshop, geared towards jumpstarting new poems, really helped me write a bit differently and break me out of the sorta “prosey” mode I fall into with my writing.  I drafted six new poems this week — four which I believe are worth saving in one way or another.  That’s good, because I really want to send out a submission packet or two before school starts.

School.  Did I really say the “S” word?  I would like to say that I don’t want to start back, but that’s not really true — I actually sat down a few days ago and revamped all my syllabi for my classes.  It’s just that I have another week at Chautauqua and I want to think about poetry, not classes. 

Next week: A final workshop with Julia Kasdorf.