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Hello, Weekend!

One would think that since the regular semester is over, that I would have more time to blog, but that hasn’t been the case.  I’ve spent the week finishing up spring semester’s business.  Plus, I started my summer creative writing class.  Also, Anthony and I have taken advantage of the nice weather to get some yardwork done.  I’ve also been trying to catch up with my reading and writing (and revising!)  I do, however, have some good news to report. Yesterday, I got an acceptance note from Cati Porter, the wonderful editor-in-chief of Poemeleon.  My poem, “Dear Suzy’s Bar & Grill” will appear in the next issue, which is dedicated to the epistolary form.

I also got my contrbutor’s copy of Sugar House Review, where my poem, “Crow Season” joins work by Liz Robbins, Kate Greenstreet, and Jenn Blair (among others).  Thanks to all the members of the Sugar House Review staff for such a beautiful literary journal!

Finally, special thanks goes to Jessie Carty who wrote a review of Wearing Heels on her blog!  Remember, (insert shameless self-promotion here), you can get your own copy (for $10 including shipping and handling) by dropping me a note at

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Breaking Into the Weekend

Finals are done, final grades are in, my desk is (almost) cleaned off!  I am ready for the Winter Break! 

Two pieces of good news to share this week:  I got an acceptance note from Sugar House Review — one of my favorite literary journals.  If you don’t know the work published in this wonderful journal, you should subscribe.  And according to the website, they will be open for submissions in January 2012.

I also got my contributor’s copy of River Styx in the mail.  River Styx is also one of my favorite literary journals, and I am so excited that my poem “All My Boyfriends Wore Beer Labels for Nicknames” is found within its pages.

2012 is coming quickly! I’m taking up Mary Biddinger’s challenge to see if I can write at least three new poems before the new year.