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CFS: American Odes

River Styx is looking for American odes.  However, the editors, according to the website, do not want “rah rah patriotic paeans to America.”  Read what the journal is looking for here in the guidelines.  Submission deadline is January 31, 2013.

The End of the World

This past summer, I took a workshop with poet Gabriel Welsch and one of the poems we read was titled “Nineteen Thirty Eight” by Charles Simic.  The title gives the content of the poem away — in this work, the poet shares a litany of events that happened during that year.  One line reads, “People worried that the world was about to end.”  Someone in our workshop remarked that people have always worried about the end of the world.

Yes, certainly this is true, especially in light of recent events.   Even so, most of us have joked about the idea of the world ending on one specific day — December 21. Several literary journals have featured works about the end of the world.  River Styx, for example, published a special theme issue which featured some great End of the World poems including “Snowpocalypse” by Erika Meitner and “When the World Began to End” by Greg Pape.

My own, most recent Apocalypse poems are coming out  in several journals.  Caesura is on its way to my home and this issue will have my poem, “To the Farmgirl Who Believes the Apocalypse Will Begin in a Cow Pasture” . The newest issue of Spillway is also on its way to my doorstep and will feature my poem, “To the Girl Who Believes Roadkill will Rise From the Dead.”  Can’t wait to read both!

Finally, Escape Into Life has just published an issue celebrating (!?) the End of the World.  My poem, “Auditioning for the Apocalypse” is semi-autobiographical and actually looks back on the early 80’s — the Hal Lindsey era.  You can read the whole haunting issue here.

In the meantime, while waiting for the end of the world, we are bracing for Winter Storm Draco, which promises to deliver Western Pennsylvania a slushy mess of snow just in time for Christmas.

CFS: The End of the World

River Styx wants your bang or your whimper! (Or maybe both!) The editors are considering submissions (poetry, art, fiction, and essays)  about your take on the end of the world.  Submissions will be considered during January 2012 only!  Take a look here for the guidelines.

Breaking Into the Weekend

Finals are done, final grades are in, my desk is (almost) cleaned off!  I am ready for the Winter Break! 

Two pieces of good news to share this week:  I got an acceptance note from Sugar House Review — one of my favorite literary journals.  If you don’t know the work published in this wonderful journal, you should subscribe.  And according to the website, they will be open for submissions in January 2012.

I also got my contributor’s copy of River Styx in the mail.  River Styx is also one of my favorite literary journals, and I am so excited that my poem “All My Boyfriends Wore Beer Labels for Nicknames” is found within its pages.

2012 is coming quickly! I’m taking up Mary Biddinger’s challenge to see if I can write at least three new poems before the new year.

Wednesday Break

So, this is what I feel like.  My week started off with me braving 13 degrees BELOW zero temperatures.  I’m lucky that my car started.  I’m also lucky that it’s warmer out now — a balmy 28 degrees.  Still, I think that I am coming down with something.  I managed to avoid getting sick over the holidays, and usually that is a tradition with me.  So, now I am getting sick during school.  Not good.

What is good, however, is some news I received at the beginning of this week.  River Styx, one of my favorite literary journals ever, accepted one of my poems, “All My Boyfriends Wore Beer Labels for Nicknames.”  The responses from last year’s submission blitz are trickling in…