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Blue Moon

My mother used to say, “Once in a blue moon,” and when I was little, I would actually look up into the night sky to see if the moon ever really looked blue.  After all, I grew up in a family that called the Harvest Moon, “Blood Moon” — so why couldn’t the moon look a little blue? I think I was in my teens before I finally found out that the Blue Moon actually means the second full moon in one month.  This doesn’t happen very often, but yes, 2009 will end with a Blue Moon.  I probably won’t see it — it’s cloudy outside and it’s going to snow.  So, for those of you who can see the Blue Moon tonight — take a look for me.  For those of you in the Snow Belt, where we don’t see the moon or the sun that often during the winter months, read Geri Doran’s poem “Blue Moon” (one of my favorite poems of all time!). 

And now that I am here — goodbye to 2009!  Anthony and I had a good year (after a couple of really rocky years), but we realize that so many of our friends and family members had it rough this past year.  I have been using my Winter Break to catch up on my writing and correspondence.  I sent out two submission packets today, and made some progress on my manuscript. I even lived up to Mary’s challenge by writing three new poems.  Am I going to make any resolutions?  No.  Instead, I’m going to set some writing goals for myself.  But for now, Anthony and I are going to celebrate quietly  — and wish everyone a safe and happy New Year!