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Moved In

Wow.  I didn’t realize that I haven’t updated my blog since March!  Happy April, everyone!  Or a belated Happy April — if that makes any sense at all.

Anthony and I are moved in.  The furniture is in the new house, the utilities are on, the cat is happy.  No, not all of my books have been put away yet, but I am working on that.  We are living among boxes, but at least I have a trail through the house.   Anthony has to put one last bookshelf together and I will be happy. 

I have been reading all the AWP notes.  It seems that people are either very disillusioned about AWP or excited and exhausted.  Next year — DC, here I come!  I swear. 

I got two emails yesterday from poets whose work I admire, but I have never met them.  (Blog world or elsewhere) Both liked my rural, working class images.  It’s nice to feel appreciated, if even for five minutes.  I am wondering, however, where did both poets pick up Stealing Dust?

Finally, I swear, I am going to celebrate National Poetry Month in one way or another.  It may be finding that one huge bookshelf for all my poetry books.  But right now, I think I am going to go and see both Alison Stine and Deborah Ager at Cornshake’s school.   I know where both of their books are!

It’s Official

Anthony and I are now officially homeowners.  The closing went smoothly, and no, we have not moved in yet.  Our current lease is not up until the end of April, so we have plenty of time.  However, this blog will be on hiatus until things settle down a bit.  As always, if you need to contact me, please use my email.

Happy Spring, everyone!  I saw my first robin today — at the new house.

The Problem With Packing Poetry Books…

…is that I keep running into old favorites I haven’t read in forever.  For instance, Blue on Blue Ground by Aaron Smith, the fever almanac by Kristy Bowen, and Mistaking the Sea for Green Fields by Ashley Capps all  jumped out of my boxes and ran for my nightstand.  I swear.  And then I keep running into books which remind me that I haven’t exactly kept up on my reading.  For instance, I love Early Occult Memory Systems of the Lower Midwest by B.H. Fairchild, but I haven’t read any of Fairchild’s work since the publication of this book.  Shame on me.  Finally, I keep finding books I can’t pack because I need them for my creative writing class, since we have finally entered the poetry unit of this course.  I mean, really, how can I possibly teach contemporary poetry without reading some of Jan Beatty’s poems out loud to my class?

One Week From Today…

Anthony and I will officially be home owners.  Our closing date is next Friday.  We are all set.  The past owners are moving out this weekend.  Needless to say, I am excited.