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Wrapping Up April

April has not been a complete poetry bust for me.  Yes, it’s true that I didn’t write anything this past month except official reports for school and a presentation for a conference.  I may have a scribble or two in my journal that may be worth saving.  But that’s it.  Still, in the past week or so, I got three acceptances via email, so somehow, I still feel like a working poet.  I’m especially excited about my poem, “The Union Steward Switches Back to Third Shift” which will be published in Motif’s thematic book/journal about work later on this year. 

The time for entering for a chance to win a poetry book from the Big Poetry Giveaway is running out. On Sunday, May 1, I will choose three winners.  If you haven’t dropped me a note, stop by here, and take a chance!