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CLSC Book Nine: A Fierce Radiance

I liked Lauren Belfer’s first book, City of Light, so I was really looking forward to getting my hands on her second novel, A Fierce Radiance.  Lucky for me — the other day I was at my local library and I picked up a copy.  And while I can’t say that I enjoyed this book as much as City of Light, I can say it was an intriguing read.

A Fierce Radiance begins during the days that follow the attack on Pearl Harbor and takes the reader into the world of American medicine — more specifically the world of an experimental medicine called…penicillin! The main character is a woman named Claire Shipley, a single mother who is divorced in a time when divorce was taboo.  She is also a career woman, more specifically, a photographer for Life magazine, assigned to cover the breaking stories surrounding the new “miracle” drug of penicillin.

The story then escalates into a mystery when a renowned scientist is murdered, and Claire finds herself trapped in danger and confusion, especially when she reunites with her estranged father and falls in love with a doctor who is searching for the cure that could save millions of American soldiers’ lives.

While I didn’t especially enjoy the love story thrown into the book, I did learn a lot about this time period.  My father served in WW II and my mother was a teenager during the war.  So many things that happened in this novel echo stories my mother used to tell me.  When I finished the book, I couldn’t help think about how far we have come with American medicine.  And how far we have yet to go.


CLSC Book Two: City of Light

So I tore myself away from student papers to finish reading City of Light  by Lauren Belfer.  Belfer’s book takes place in 1901 Buffalo, New York, when the city was in its Heyday.  I love books that show a strong sense of history and place, and have read about everything there is to read about Western Pennsylvania, so I have to venture into Western New York literature, and I have to say that this novel was a wonderful start.  For those who need to brush up a bit on their history, 1901 was the year that President William McKinley was assasinated, and Theodore Roosevelt became President of the United States.  Belfer’s book, besides displaying a wonderful and strong main heroine, really shows us how a strong historical novel can be written. 

And speaking of Western New York…Brrr…we didn’t have a summer; now it looks like we are not going to have an Autumn.  The leaves are falling, but they are still green.  It makes me wonder about the winter ahead…