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New Address, New Mail

Even though I love online journals, I still love getting “stuff” in the mail.  (When I say stuff, I don’t mean junk mail or bills).  This week, I finally got some packages at the new address.

First, my contributor’s copy of Lake Effect arrived, with my poem, “Epiphany with Dead Carp” tucked inside.  My work was joined by other favorite poets including Gabriel Welsch, Jim Daniels, Greg Pape, Beth Gylys, and Doug Ramspeck.  (Or should I say my poem joined their wonderful work….) I was also especially taken by a short story titled “The Paper Eater” by Gary Fincke.  I have read Fincke’s poetry, but never his fiction, and I enjoyed this story so much, I am going to read parts of it to my creative writing class.

I also received BoxCar Poetry Review’s second anthology of poems including “The Night Foreman Sees the Virgin Mary in Furnace #6” by yours truly.  I haven’t read the whole anthology yet — but I love what I see so far.

Finally, as Justin has reminded us on his blog, writers need to support other writers by buying books. We especially need to support poets!  I know that many of you went to AWP, so yes, you purchased books.  However, I just bought my first book of the month — Find the Girl by Lightsey Darst.   I have only read a few of the poems, but I am already hooked.  More later about this great read!



I’ve spent the week trying to revise some poems I started at the beginning of the summer.  Not having a lot of luck. I have come to the conclusion that some poems are simply not meant to work.  

In other news, I got my contributor copy of Main Street Rag where my poem “Oxymoron” appears.  I’ve always enjoyed Main Street Rag, but I especially like the press’s books and chapbook selection — I think they do a beautiful job!

Finally, after a quiet summer with rejections and acceptances, I got news from Lake Effect  that they will be publishing one of my poems in their next issue.   I’m hoping the note will end the dry spell — I have quite a few poems out and about this summer.