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A Cold & Cold Mountain Review

For most of the weekend, thus far, I have been trying to recover from the worst cold I have had in over a year.  I would like to blame allergies, but my allergies don’t usually bother me in the fall.  Still, everyone around me has been sick (colleagues, students, Anthony), so I guess the sinus headache, sore throat, cough, general exhaustion, were all inevitable.

Still, I got some good news to break up the dreariness (and the fact that since I’ve been sick, I haven’t gotten anything accomplished).  I received a note in my inbox saying that Cold Mountain Review has accepted one of my poems!  Now, CMR is not a new literary journal, but it’s relatively new to me. I subscribed last year and fell in love with its contents as soon as I flipped through its pages.  Yes, I loved the poetry, but I also discovered the work of photographer, Jenn Ackerman, whose photo essay, “Out of the Mines” looks at America’s “poverty pocket” — the coal mines of Central Appalachia.  For more information about Ackerman and her work, take a look at her website.