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Holiday Wishes

Anthony and I have been lost in a flurry of before the holiday activities — last-minute shopping, baking, visiting, etc. I wanted to write a more substantial post before Christmas, but I still have tons to do before we get on the road tomorrow.  The weather is going to hold for us, at least for Christmas Eve.  The Weather Channel can’t make up its mind about whether or not we are going to have rain or freezing rain on Christmas.  I’m hoping for rain — Anthony and I need to come back Christmas night because of his work schedule.

Here’s wishing you a safe and happy holiday!

Over Break

What I should do over Thanksgiving Break:  Take a day and clean my office.  I am surrounded by books, folders, and papers.  My coffee cup that reads Poetry Works has coffee that is three days old. I know.  That is disgusting and something you didn’t really want to know.

What I will probably do: Sleep in, watch Lifetime original movies, and pet the cat.  Oh, and catch up on my reading including Temper by Beth Bachmann, Poppin Johnny by George Wallace, Hunger All Inside by Marie Gauthier, and Ink for an Odd Cartography by Michele Battiste.