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It’s May 1, and everyone knows what that means! It’s time to announce my winners for this year’s Big Poetry Giveaway!  Using a random number generator, I picked the lucky winners of three poetry books:

The Forest of Sure Things by Megan Snyder-Camp goes to Kathleen Kirk!

Find the Girl by Lightsey Darst goes to Jessica Goodfellow!

How the Crimes Happened by Dawn Potter goes to Danica @ Danka’s World!

Congrats to the lucky winners!  I will be in contact with you soon to get your address, but if you see this blog post first, please drop me a note at

Away, Again

So, I’m off again.  Tomorrow morning I leave for the Catskills in eastern New York to attend another conference/workshop for my day job.  I would be looking forward to the trip, but it seems like all I have done the last few weeks is rush, rush, rush, bounce, bounce, bounce, from one place to another.  When I get back on Wednesday, I am looking forward to some downtime where I can wrap up the semester. 

So, dear readers of The Scrapper Poet, I know that April is National Poetry Month, but I don’t know if much poetry is going to get written/revised/read on the homefront. Still, there are plenty of things to keep a willing poet busy.

First, there’s The Big Poetry Giveaway.  Don’t forget to sign up for a chance to win one of three great choices.  If you are new to my blog, please leave a comment and I will approve the comment when I get back from my trip.

Second, there are plenty of poetry prompts to go around, including Poetic Asides where Robert Lee Brewer has kicked off another PAD challenge for the month of April.

Third, have you seen what Dave Bonta is doing?  He is reading one book for every day in April and reporting his findings on his blog.  Quite ambitious.  I’m looking forward to reading his blog.

Finally, take a look at the newest edition of Broadsided, where my friend/fellow Pennsylvanian poet Gabriel Welsch has his poem, “No Diving” posted, along with artwork by Jim Benning.

I will be away from my computer from Sunday morning until Wednesday evening!  Thus, if you email me, you will have to wait a bit for a response.

Happy April, everyone!

The Big Poetry Giveaway 2011

This year, I’m celebrating the Big Poetry Giveaway 2011 organized by the lovely and talented Kelli Russell Agodon.  Instead of two books, I will be giving away three!  All you have to do is leave a comment to let me know that you want your name thrown in a hat (or in a random number generator — I have to figure out how to use that!).  Make sure that you leave contact information, if you don’t have a blog!

Book Number One: The Forest of Sure Things (Tupelo Press 2010) by Megan Snyder-Camp.  Winner of the Tupelo Press/Crazyhorse Award, Megan Snyder-Camp’s surreal story of a new family settling into a remote village on the Northwest Coast.  Not a straight narrative of the past, this book is layered with contemporary looks at what it means to be a wife and mother in today’s world.  A great read!

Book Number Two: Find the Girl (Coffee House Press 2010) by Lightsey Darst.  If you are a fan of Temper by Beth Bachmann or I Have to Go Back to 1994 and Kill a Girl by Karyna McGlynn, Find the Girl may be for you! And besides, Darst’s book is one of the few poetry books to actually make the pages of Entertainment Weekly — can you believe that?!!!

Book Number Three: How the Crimes Happened (Cavankerry Press) by Dawn Potter.  Potter’s work was new to me, and I was glad I picked up her newest book, which is a great collection of works that explore loss and love in their complicated and often, frustrating forms.

Again, please leave a comment if you would liked to be entered!