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Ager, Stine Reading

So, what can I say?  The Poetry reading last night at SUNY Fredonia was wonderful, and a great way to take a break from moving woes and grading frenzies.  Alison Stine read from Ohio Violence, and some poems from her new book, Wait (Am I giving away a secret title?  She announced it to a whole room of students, so even though we are in Western New York, and we tend to keep our secrets, I’m not sure if this is a real, hush-hush secret.) Alison also talked a great deal about the material in her poetry and the different personas in her work.   I know that a typical student question is always, “Did that really happen to you?” — but I have to admit that question is also in the back of my mind when I read poems that are seemingly autobiographical.

In many of the same ways, Deborah Ager spoke about her work.  Deborah read from Midnight Voices, but she also read some newer poems — about living in the recession, she explained.  I love the fact that she read “Dear Deborah” which is my favorite poem in her book.

It’s often asked where poets get inspiration, and I have to say that I love poetry readings.  Yes, I buy (I just put an order in through Amazon) poetry books and I read poetry all the time, but nothing inspires me like a real life reading.  Thanks so much Cornshake, for inviting me!  And here’s hoping that both Deborah and Alison had a safe trip home!