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Emily’s Ghost

A few weeks ago, I mentioned wanting to desperately read this book, and somehow I found time to finish it today.  For all you Bronte fans, I have to say that Emily’s Ghost by Denise Giardina  is a must read.  Giardina presents a fictional account of the Bronte sisters, focusing especially on Emily, Charlotte and Emily’s mysterious lover, William.  The Brontes, of course, have always been surrounded by a vast mythology — a mythology that has been dispelled and revamped in many different ways.  Probably the best researched attempt at the “true” Brontes was published in The Brontes by Juliet Barker (although if a true Bronte scholar were to read this blog post, he or she may disagree).    If you are a true fan of Charlotte Bronte, you may not want to pick up this book, for the loving and caring lore of Charlotte is quickly dismissed!

Two things that I wish Denise Giardina would have done better.  First, the writing process that Emily Bronte went through in Wuthering Heights.  I wish Giardina would have slowed down just a bit.  Second, I’m a fan of the underdog, so Anne Bronte has always been my personal favorite.  However, while I like her “character” in this book, I wanted more. 

Reading Emily’s Ghost has got me thinking about other works of fiction I have read which are based on a literary history of some sort.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I loved Drood (a novel that explores the last days of Charles Dickens) by Dan Simmons.  Other favorites included The Dante Club (a fictional book of murders taken out of Dante’s The Inferno; poets Longfellow and Holmes are main characters) by Matthew Pearl and Finn (a retelling of Huck Finn’s life through his “pap”) by Jon Clinch.  If anyone knows of other books like this that I can add to my reading list, please let me know.

Love Those Brontes!

I really want to read this.  I know that the reading world (the part of the reading world who is not reading the Twilight series) is caught up with these books, but my heart belongs to the Bronte sisters.  I even hear that Anne (the forgotten Bronte sister, and my personal favorite) plays a part in the novel.   Jane Austen and those zombies will have to wait.