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Emerging from Place & Other News

No, I have not melted into a puddle from another heatwave.  I just finished up my Chautauqua poetry workshop #1 for the summer.  Under the direction of poet Maggie Anderson, I studied sense of place.  I’m always happy if I can get one good draft from a one week poetry workshop, and this past week I have three.  Next week, I will be working under poet Stephen Haven.

In other news, have you read the newest issue of Boxcar Poetry Review?  There’s a great conversation between Suzanne Frischkorn and Brent Goodman about first books.  Take a look.

Finally, and this is really great news, Paula Bohince’s second book of poetry titled The Children will be released from Sarabande Books in 2012.  Fans of The Scrapper Poet know how much I loved Paula’s first book, Incident at the Edge of Bayonet Woods, so I’m excited about this new collection (even though I have to wait until 2012). 

Slipstream & Other Notes

I got my contributor’s copy of Slipstream on Thursday and I haven’t had time to look at the contents.  But I’m sitting here on a rainy Saturday morning, skimming the pages, pleased to see that I am joined by spectacular poets Brent Goodman, Katie Cappello, Jim Daniels and Sean Thomas Dougherty. As always, the guys at Slipstream did a beautiful job, and I can’t wait to go to the release party in Buffalo in September.

I’ve been trying to gather up my work for the summer in order to revise.  I have been browsing the blogging world noticing that many poets have already dived in to the “Big Fall Submission” period.  Not me.  I will be lucky if I have 3 packets sent out in September. 

Still behind on my book reviews.  Sigh.  Don’t worry — if you sent me a review copy, a review you shall have!