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Welcome, 2014!

I, for one, am sincerely happy that 2013 is over.  So many of my friends and family members had a rough year that it seemed that everyday I had bad news.  Sure, there was good news, too — but perhaps I got too overwhelmed in all the Apocalypse madness that I only seemed to focus on the bad.

On the writing front, after a great 2012, I had a slow publishing year.  I sent out a lot of submissions but also got a lot of rejections.  Most of my major accomplishments came out at the start of the year, so I had a long dry spell where my work just didn’t seem grace any journals. I have been actively writing and publishing for about 10 years now, and most of the time I brush rejection notes off the table (or out of the inbox!) But when I get a whole slew of them, I start to have doubts about my talent as a writer.

But 2014 is already showing promise.  To celebrate that promise, I have moved to a real website. Yep, Karen is ready to join the new year.  Besides incorporating links and my general information, I will have a blog on this website.  I do plan to keep The Scrapper Poet up for a while, at least to share links, but for now, you can find me at

(Keep in mind that this is a work in progress.  I know there are dead links and other snafus — but building a website has actually taken me longer than I thought it would!)