Work at World Literature Today

I’m thrilled that my poem, “Redemption at Ray’s Corner Grocery Store” is part of the new online edition of World Literature Today!  I am in great company for my work joins poems by Dorianne Laux, Joseph Millar, Jim Daniels and Sandee Gertz Umbach.  See the special online section labeled 16 American Working-class Poets for some great work.  Both the print edition and the online edition have been edited by poet and scholar Jeanetta Calhoun Mish who has also written a great article titled “Working at Getting the Word Out in America: Small Presses, Journals, and Websites Publishing Working-class Writing.”  Stop by and read through the rest of the contents.


  1. I just saw the tweet about this and was rushing over here to tell you. Congratulations on the mention. It couldn’t happen to a better Rust Belt-er. Brian Fanelli, another Pennsylvania favorite of mine also made the list, and I want to thank you two for giving me encouragement and hope. Poem on!

  2. kweyant Said:

    Thanks for stopping by — I don’t know Brian’s work — will have to check it out!

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