Rejection Tastes Like Chocolate

So, the leaves are starting to turn and we are under a frost warning for the night.  School is in full swing, and I have been busy with the usual activities that come with the start of the semester.

And I have also been swarmed with rejection slips.

I spent the start of September bemoaning the fact that I hadn’t heard much from editors over the summer.  Well, they all must have heard me because I have been receiving rejection notes left and right.

Writers go through these stages, I know.  They have a string of good luck and then they have a string of bad luck — at least that has been my experience.  I just have to ride out this period of bad luck.

And what should I do with all these rejection slips?

I don’t keep my rejection slips.  I never did.  Back when I received more rejection slips in the mail, I recorded the rejection (to help keep my records straight), and then threw the slip away.  Now, more rejections come via email.  I record the rejection and then delete the note from my inbox.

I agree with January’s post.  I don’t need reminders of rejections. Instead, I throw a dollar in my rejection jar.  And then I eat chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate. But I have been told that since it is dark chocolate, it’s okay.


  1. Oh, I love your chocolate method! I might have to try that!

    Similar experience here: no news, followed by rejection news, which helped me understand again the phrase “no news is good news” that had always confused me as a child.

    I always liked chocolate as a child!

  2. carol berg Said:

    Same for me: rejection, rejection, chocolate, (maybe some wine), rejection…

  3. kweyant Said:

    Ahh..and the hits keep on coming. Another rejection today. More chocolate, please!

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