Goodbyes & Loose Ends

This week I’m back to JCC, so while I realize that the summer season is far from being over, my summer is winding down to an end.

This past week I said goodbye to Gregory DeCinque, who has retired after 19 years as President of Jamestown Community College.  I have been at JCC since 2001 and I will always be thankful for Greg and the JCC Community in general for giving a young, new faculty member (Obviously, I’m not young or new anymore!) a chance!

I’m also slowly saying goodbye to the summer by scrambling a bit with my own writing.  It’s true that I haven’t drafted a lot of new poems this summer, but I have started many, many prose pieces that I wanted to revise and send out.  And I did — two short stories, one work of creative nonfiction, and even some poems from last April that never made any kind of journey to the published world.  I know a lot of writers save their material for a big September (when many journals open their doors) event, but the start of the Fall semester is always too busy for me to even consider doing much with my own writing.

Here’s to the remaining days of summer and let’s hope we will continue with the beautiful weather!



  1. Experiencing the same long goodbye down here in LR. Classes start Monday and its off to the races. Ready, set, (No? Too bad), GO!

    Good luck with all the prose pieces. So fantastic!

  2. Sounds like a good summer in all kinds of ways.

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