Undergrad Lit Mag Memories and Musings

Newpages has recently introduced me to their Undergraduate Literary Magazine Resource, and as a professor I am very happy for this link.  In my creative writing course, I drag all my old copies of lit journals and magazines to the classroom to talk about publishing and introduce my students to online literary journals in our computer labs, but I have to admit that I don’t have a lot of information about undergraduate journals, and this is a great resource.

I also have to admit that I took a quick trip down memory lane while examining the list.  One of my first publications, ever, was in Seton Hill’s literary journal Eye Contact which is on this site.  I was a senior at Pitt Greensburg, basking in the knowledge that working-class poetry existed and that I could be part of this canon — especially when Eye Contact selected my poem, “The Girls on Third Shift” for publication.  Afterwards, I discovered literary markets that did take my factory poems (5 AM, Anti-, Labor, and the minnesota review — just to name a few), but I will always be thankful for the editors at Eye Contact for taking that first poem.  Sadly, it looks like the journal has not updated its website in a while, so I hope that doesn’t mean that  the journal is on permanent hiatus.

As noted, the website is still being updated — but there are some great journals listed!  (So, if you advise an undergraduate journal that’s not on this list, drop the editors of Newpages an email)

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