Summer Hiatus

Charly and Summer Hiatus

Somehow, I lost June.  And there’s no use looking for it.  I won’t find it again until next year.

I’m taking a blog break until the end of July.  Don’t worry — you can still reach me by email or by phone.  I’m not wandering away into the wilderness. So far, in spite of the heat and the sudden, pop up thunderstorms, it hasn’t felt much like summer.  My schedule has been so full, that I’m a bit stressed out — and summer is supposed to be a time to unwind. (Like Charly is doing in this picture) Thus, I’m taking some time off blogging to work on my own writing, something I haven’t been doing in a long time.

See you at the end of July!


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  1. M.J.Iuppa Said:

    Slipping into the wilderness of words! I will look forward to your update in July. I know you’re going to accomplish a lot.
    Enjoy every minute!


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