Movie Break

Okay, so the English Professor in me wants to see The Great Gatsby (in spite of the lukewarm reviews).  But, the trekkie in me also wants to see the newest Star Trek movie.  (My brothers raised me on the originals — I watched the reruns over and over again while I growing up.  Today, the shows are on Netflix and when I watch certain episodes, I can quote many lines by heart.) And to make the issue more complicated, the comic book geek I live with wants to see the newest Iron Man movie. 

Who knows?  It’s the first week of summer vacation and I need a break — maybe we can catch all three!  (If anyone has a recommendation, please let me know.)

Update: The new Star Trek movie won out, and it was a good choice — even better than the first movie (no spoilers here).


  1. Yes, all 3. (I’ve seen none yet, but I recommend celebrating the summer with movies!) My daughter, who read Gatsby this year and saw snippets of the earlier movies, went to see the new one and loved it.

  2. kweyant Said:

    The only time Anthony and I get to really see a lot of movies (at the theatre) is during the summer! I don’t know if I can talk him into Gatsby — I may have to be content with rereading the book and then waiting for the DVD!

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