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13 Poems

So far, 2013 has not been especially kind — not on the homefront, not in the world.  Writing has definitely taken a backseat to life, and instead of working on more formal pieces, I have been doing a lot of journaling.  Still, my final grades are in, and writing, whether it’s for the world (a few small part of the world)or for me, does give me a sense of peace.

I spent this morning reviewing my poetry drafts from 2013, and it’s true, I haven’t written a lot — but I did find 13 poems worth keeping.  I want to work on these poems and try to find summer markets that are open.  I also want to work on my full length manuscript.   Finally, I want to finish a few book reviews and dabble a bit more in other genres.

Lofty dreams indeed, especially when the warm weather  is beckoning me outside and a messy house is scolding me.  Hopefully, I will find a nice balance, soon!