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How We Grieve

April is coming to a close.  I have just a few more classes of the semester and then I am facing the summer — with lots of projects and tasks I should complete.  Yet, in light of the events that have happened this past month, I’m finding it hard to get excited about the months ahead.  It’s funny — but everyone thinks that if you are a writer, then of course, writing about your grief helps you find some relief and closure.  But I’ve always had trouble writing about personal loss — at least right away.

So for now, I’m wrapping up the semester, and I do have a “To Do” list that NEEDS to get done, no matter what.  I also have a lawn that needs to be mowed (yes, the neighbors with their rumbling lawnmowers make me feel guilty).  I have boxes of book left over from spring cleaning that need to be donated.  I have laundry.  I have dusty window blinds.  I have dishes in the sink.  I have one last lesson that needs work.

The business of living must continue.