RIP: Lola

Best Picture Ever of Lola

 Today, Anthony and I lost our beloved cat, Lola, after she fought long and hard to overcome chylothorax.  She was only three years old.  I have posted my favorite picture of Lola, where she is helping me with my manuscript. 

As I type this post I am thinking of a conversation I had with a creative writing student a few years ago.  In her short memoir, she used the phrase “My heart was broken.”  When I tried to explain to her that phrase was a cliché, and could she maybe find another phrase to describe grief, she said, “But that’s what it feels like.  Like your heart is breaking.”

She was right.  That is what it does feel like.


  1. Oh, Karen, yes, my heart is breaking for you. When we lost Lou-Lou at only 3 to a very rare feline blood disease, that’s exactly how it felt. Nothing I can say will make it better. Just know I’m sending sympathies. Lola was a beautiful cat and I will miss seeing her pictures here.

  2. So sorry, Karen. I know how this is so hard, especially with such a young little cat like yours. Many good thoughts and hugs!

  3. kweyant Said:

    Thanks Jeannine and Sandy — We are slowly recovering here, although it will be awhile before I can look at Lola’s photo without crying.

  4. todddavis45 Said:

    Karen, I’m sorry for your loss. Lola was a beautiful cat. I’m glad you had each other for companions for those few short years. Here’s to the coming days bringing some of the wreckage in your heart back into a semblance of order and eventually joy.

  5. kweyant Said:

    Thanks Todd for stopping by. Lola was a beautiful cat! It hurts because we thought our two cats would grow old together (we got them at the same time). However, like so many of my friends have told me — Lola had a great life here — lots of couches, fuzzy blankets, catnip and a sunroom where she could look at birds and chipmunks.

  6. Dale Said:

    So sorry, Karen.

  7. kweyant Said:

    Thanks Dale — Lola was always “helpful” when I was writing. I also have pictures where she was trying to help me grade paper and/or prepare lesson plans.

  8. I’m so sorry, Karen. It still draws me up short when I hear a sound in the house and realize it couldn’t be Ginger, not anymore. Hugs through the hurt.

  9. So sorry. Oh, yes, the breaking heart.

  10. kweyant Said:

    Thanks Kathleen and Marie — I know that the hurt will be here awhile.

  11. Chris Munde Said:

    I’m so sorry, Karen. My wife and I offer our condolences.

  12. kweyant Said:

    Thanks Chris — as you know, it was a hard battle that I didn’t want to lose.

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