Troubling Days

There are indeed days when I feel like we are living in a very dark world.  This week started out this way.  Like many others, I was glued to my television set (and when I wasn’t near a television set, a computer) watching the news of the Boston Marathon bombing and the events that followed.  Locally, we had another tragic and horrific event where four men invaded a country home (located about a half hour from where I live) and killed the couple who lived there.

On the homefront, things haven’t been too much better.  I’m suffering from some health issues that aren’t going to kill me, but are making me uncomfortable and tired.  Our cat, Lola, had a setback this week, and once again, had to have a chest pump inserted into her chest cavity to drain fluid.  The vet is hopeful, and says that in cases like this, it’s not unusual to have to pump a cat’s chest three or four times before seeing results.  Lola is back home with us and seems happy and healthy — she’s eating and playing and resting in the sun.  When I look at her now, it’s hard to believe that two days ago, she could barely breathe.

So, as I’m writing this post, I’m looking forward to weeks of recovery — at the national level, at the local level, at our little home.  I have a colleague who told me that good heals pain faster than fear.  I know she is right.


  1. webbish6 Said:

    Hope you and your cat both feel better soon!

  2. Hang in there. Sending good thoughts.

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