April Showers & Spring Cleaning

For the past week or so, I have lived in a soggy world.  But hey, it’s better than living in a cold, white world.  According to the weather reports, we are in for some dry weather in the days ahead.  I really need to wade through the mud that is currently my backyard to start spring clean up.

And because we are nearing the end of the semester, I also really need to wade through the stacks of papers that are scattered on my desk.

Today is the half-way mark of the month, and I’m happy to report that I have kept up with my poem-a-day challenge.  It’s too early to tell what poems will really be poems, but I know from looking back at my scribbles, that I have some strong starts.  After weeks of silence on the submission front, I have also received two rejections.  The first rejection was disappointing, but I have to admit that the second rejection made me laugh — it was from a journal I submitted to over two years ago.  All four submitted poems were accepted elsewhere for publication (and yes, I contacted said journal to withdraw my submission).  It was a snail mail submission, so when I got the SASE in the mail, I couldn’t even remember what the submission was until I opened the envelope and saw the form rejection.  Huh.

Guess there are editors out there who are doing their own spring cleaning!


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