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Cruel Month

T.S. Eliot was right.  April is “the cruellest month.”  Dear Scrapper Poet readers, Anthony and I have found out that our beloved kitty Lola has been diagnosed with a rare condition called  Chylothorax, which is basically a build up of lymph fluid in the chest cavity.  The prognosis is guarded to good.   Right now, she seems to be fine — she’s eating and playing and is very alert.  She has some respiratory problems, but is managing.  We are treating her with medication and a new diet that is low in fat.  She had a chest tap last week, and yesterday, a follow-up visit to the vet, who was pleased with her progress.  I know that this type of medication often takes weeks before we see any results.  I also know that this condition is often fatal to cats, but I also know that many cats heal and live good, healthy lives.  So please think of Lola in our little humble household of cat lovers.

I was on spring break this past week, but my days have been taken up with cat care.  Now that Lola is on the mend (fingers crossed), I hope to focus a bit more time on poetry — after all, it is National Poetry Month! I’m trying to write a poem a day and so far, on day five, I have been successful.  I’m also trying to catch up on all poetry reading — too many friends with too many good books out! (Wow, what a great problem to have!)