The Big Poetry Giveaway: The Rust Edition

Poetry Giveaway 2013

April is just around the corner! (And today, we might even get some real spring weather!) In the last few years, I have taken part of April’s Big Poetry Giveaway, and this year, I am again participating!  (If you want to participate, please see the guidelines for this giveaway found on the blog of poet Susan Rich.)

For those of you who are new to my blog, I’m a poet/writer who lives in Western Pennsylvania.  I’m the author of two chapbooks, Stealing Dust and Wearing Heels in the Rust Belt.  I teach at Jamestown Community College just across the state line. My main interests are working class studies and rural issues.  Please leave me a note for a chance to win one of the collections below! (And yes, both titles have the word “rust” in them — I did that on purpose!)

wearing heels cover      My chapbook, Wearing Heels in the Rust Belt, winner of Main Street Rag’s 2011 Chapbook Contest, is the first selection.  Part working-class narrative, part coming of age story,  Wearing Heels features poems that were first published in 5 AM, Cave Wall, Copper Nickel, Harpur Palate, and River Styx.  This chapbook also features my poem, “The Summer I Stopped Catching Bees” which was originally published in Glass: A Journal of Poetry and then was selected for Sundress Publications’ Best of the Net 2011 issue.  (You can also read the poem here.) If you are a fan of narrative poetry, this chapbook collection may be something that you will enjoy!

Many of my regular readers already have a copy of Wearing Heels (again, as always, thanks for the support!).  Still, you may want to throw your name into the hat, so to speak, for Rust or Go Missing by Lily Brown.

tn9781880834916  Rust or Go Missing is a collection of sparse images.  This is not to say that the poems inside are sparse — indeed, Lily Brown’s poetry relies on the line, sculpting poems through white space and concrete images.  This collection, published by the Cleveland State University Poetry Center, features poems that were originally published in Coconut, Denver Quarterly, Fence, Octopus, and Pleiades.

So, go ahead! Drop me a note (with contact information — preferably an email) for a chance to win.  I will pick the winners during the first week of May and besides contacting the winners, I will make a formal announcement on my blog.


  1. Yes, please put my name in the hat!! If I win your book, I will give it as a gift, as I have a copy! If I win Rust or Go Missing, I will read it, too!

  2. Susan Rich Said:

    Thanks for participating; I’d love to read either of these.

  3. scm Said:

    Please enter my name. I’ve been enjoying your blog posts for a few months now. Thanks…

  4. Allyson Said:

    Count me in! Nice to meet you!

  5. I love the way this is bringing us to one another – I’l also love to win. Thanks for participating!

  6. I’m a rust belt poet too. Not far from you. Nice to follow your work. I am all about supporting the Rust Belt poets… there are more than anyone knows.

  7. carol berg Said:

    I’d love a chance to win these!!!
    bergcaro at gmail dot com

  8. evfhanna Said:

    I love this giveaway idea! Thanks.

  9. Please count me in!

  10. Count me in!

  11. Diane Kendig Said:

    Sign me up to throw in the drawing, would love either book! Thanks for participating!

  12. Please count me in, and thanks for doing this!

  13. Hello Karen – Happy Poetry Month and please include me in your draw! williams(dot)alexandra(at)ymail(dot)com
    You’re welcome to visit my recent poetry posts on facebook at ‘Alexandra J Cornwell – Poet’. Poetry has been my way of blogging – until recently, without a blog! Looking through the pages of generous poets has inspired me to start my own, so please feel free to drop by The Drabble Writer’s Table, which also includes a little poetry. Last year I discovered the fun of ‘drabbles’ (100-word microfiction also on facebook at ‘Byron Short Fiction ‘Drabble’ Writers’). I am finding inspiration in applying that format to non-fiction historical and current affairs topics. I should get on with publishing my own scribble so I can ‘play it forward’ next year!
    – Alexandra (Brunswick Heads, North Coast NSW, Australia)

  14. Angela Said:

    I really like your first book’s title, and would love to read it. Please count me in. Many thanks!

  15. Nandini Dhar Said:

    Please count me in! Thanks! Nandini

  16. I would love to play!! Thanks!

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