Stray Robin with Snow


Last week, my students were trying to convince me that yes indeed, they saw robins.  Having seen nothing but our usual winter birds (including the obnoxious Blue Jays that hang out in the pine trees in our back yard), I didn’t believe them.  But I saw a robin yesterday, while I was trying to maneuver through what I hope will be our last winter storm.  He did not look happy.

Still, I have to believe that Spring is in the air.  Even if we are under another Lake Effect Snow warning.  Even if I am wet and cold and the only sign of spring that I really see is an annoyed robin, who looks incredibly displaced in this world of slushy white.


  1. Oh, the robins are definitely here in the Midwest. But they just got snowed on.

  2. kweyant Said:

    Yes, and in spite of the melt we had over the weekend, they will see more snow today!

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