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Springing Ahead….

While everyone else in the world (okay — not everyone….) is at AWP, I’ve been trying to catch up on my writing, and have been clock spring aheadsomewhat successful.  I managed to send out a submission, the first submission I have completed since mid January.  I “finished” three more poems.  And, I started completing research on my presentation for the working-class studies conference.  I also finally got my taxes done — I know that doesn’t really have anything to do with writing except it makes me realize how broke I am!

This weekend, we are going to get a dose of spring weather with sun and warm temperatures.  It’s really amazing how much better one feels when there is a cloudless blue sky.  We are, however, also springing ahead (Did you forget?  I almost did.  Thank goodness there are reminders everywhere!)  The time change always knocks me around a bit, and it often really messes up my students’ schedules.  We will see how the week goes!