The Good is There

In the last few days, Winter Storm Draco dumped about four inches of snow on us, just enough to make everything look pretty, just enough to cover the brown sludge that has covered our world. On the outskirts of town, snow has covered the split milkweed pods and cattail gone to seed that line the road. Dirty guardrails and road signs have been wiped clean. Yet, it’s sunny out today.  The sky is bright blue, the snow is glistening. It’s easy to believe that we could start anew.

When I went to the grocery store yesterday, the lines were crowded, but people were pleasant, as if suddenly realizing that shopping is a gift.  I saw two old friends embrace in the produce section (by the green peppers, if you want a specific image).

In front of our house, I saw a woman walk her little terrier.  The dog was wearing those plastic reindeer antlers and a Christmas sweater.  He looked very proud as he wagged his tail back and forth.  I had to laugh. (Small side note: no way would we ever get one of our cats to wear any sort of Christmas gadget. Nope. Not happening.)

When I drove through town early this morning, I saw kids pulling their sleds to the local sledding hill that is located about two blocks from where we live.  Their laughter made me smile. 

In spite of the recent tragic events, there are moments that make me believe that the world is essentially a good place. I’m not a romantic; indeed, Anthony calls me a pessimist (I prefer the term “realist”).  Still, when I stop and think about the good, I don’t have to think hard.  It’s there.

I will return after December 25 to post my “Best of 2012” book lists for the year.  Wishing all of my readers a safe and happy holiday season!


  1. Happy Christmas, Karen!

  2. Have a good holiday! I’ve seen the good out there, too!

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