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How the Healing Starts…

I woke up to a dark and gray day, much like yesterday.  No, it’s not the weather.  It’s not the Holiday Blues.  It’s not even because I’m buried in final grading.  Like the rest of the nation, I am mourning over the victims in the recent Connecticut School shooting.  There’s really nothing to say that will help those who lost family members in this tragedy.  We can talk politics and gun control laws and religion, and everything else that has come up in the news when I tried to wade through the various reports to piece together what really happened.  But, I’m not sure if that is where the healing will begin.  I need to clarify this last statement honestly.  I don’t know how the healing really should begin.

Still, although this act will not bring the victims back to their families, this article made me smile, just a little, today.