Home Stretch with Life of Pi

We are down to the last week of classes.  It doesn’t feel like December — it’s cold and gray and rainy. But little snow.  As always, it’s crunch time, with papers everywhere I look.  Obviously, I’m not going to get many new projects done this month, but I am looking forward to the time after the holidays when everything slows down just a bit. 

In the last few days, I did, however, make time to re-read Life of Pi by Yann Martel and am really curious about the movie.  I read Martel’s novel many years ago, and when I saw the previews, I thought, Uh oh…This is just not going to work.  I am very skeptical. Even  Director Ang Lee has been quoted about the movie: “When I first read Life of Pi…I remember thinking that nobody in his right mind would make this into a movie.”   Still, the reviews have been solid, so I may have to take a break from the end of the semester grading to catch this movie.  (Although, if Anthony has his way, we will be going to see The Hobbit instead.)

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