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December Roosting

I woke up this morning to December.  Where does the time go?  We got some snow a few days ago, but most of it is now gone.  The new week or so calls for very nice weather.

Last month I let my poems return home.  I haven’t sent them back out and indeed, I am letting my work roost a bit. Currently, I have 32 rejections for the year, so it doesn’t look like I am even going to come close to my 100 rejection mark.  That’s okay.  This goal has pushed me to be a more active submitter, and that is a good thing.  I However, I also got some acceptances.  The one I am the most excited about is the fact that Spitball accepted my poem “My Father Never Played Baseball.”  Spitball is a literary journal that focuses on baseball, and when I wrote my small set of baseball poems, I definitely felt out of my element.  Again, that is a good thing. 

I haven’t done a lot of poetry writing in the last few weeks.  Regular readers of the Scrapper Poet know that I am investigating the genre of the short story.  I sent one story out, and am eagerly awaiting a rejection!

This weekend is the calm before the storm.  Next week, the end of the semester papers and tests will come drifting in.  Then, December will really get interesting.