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Belated Thanksgiving Wishes & Black Friday

Anthony and I celebrated Thanksgiving early this year.  Since he is a professional cook, he works on Thanksgiving, so we celebrated the day before.  Then, I traveled to my sister’s house yesterday to spend time with my family.  The weather has been gorgeous, with mild temperatures and a clear blue sky.  However, rumor has it that we are in for some Lake Effect Snow this weekend when the temperatures drop. We will see.  Here’s hoping that this post finds my readers recovering from a nice Thanksgiving…

…and perhaps recovering from Black Friday shopping as well.  I don’t do Black Fridays.  I worked retail for years and I saw how crazy people would get over what they perceived as great bargains.  To be honest, I am slightly dismayed to see more and more stores opening on Thanksgiving Eve.  I understand that buying may boost the economy a bit (maybe….), but I really do think we should give ourselves a break. Still, I know many families make Black Friday a family affair event, so maybe it’s our new way of celebrating?  There’s a big part of me that really, really hopes not.

Here’s to a quiet weekend of catching up on writing and school projects.  I have promised myself that I am going to clean out the spare bedroom, so that is another project that is in the works!