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….And Autumn Moves On…

Somehow in the past week, in the chaos of Hurricane Sandy and local Halloween happenings, November has fingered her way through.  Since we live in Western Pennsylvania, we did not see the damage from the Hurricane that my neighbors to the East did; however, we did experience plenty of rain and wind.  My thoughts go out to those on the East Coast.  As I write this post, the clean up continues.

In other news…well, there isn’t a lot of other news.  In the last month, I received four rejections.  However, I also found out that my poem “Landscape with Starving Deer” won an honorable mention in the Muriel Craft Bailey Contest sponsored by the Comstock Review.  The judge was Dorianne Laux — one of my favorite poets! 

Next week, I hope to be back to regular posting.  But this weekend is dedicated to raking the lawn (we had neat piles before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy) and eating all the leftover Halloween candy!