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September in Retrospect

It’s been a busy month, and in general, a month filled with good news. I picked up three acceptances, and of course, I’m super excited about all three.  I’ve (mostly) caught up with my summer reading (all the books I collected over the last three months) and am ready for some new material. 

I’ve also managed to get some more submissions out the door.  September is when many literary journals open their doors, and if you have been keeping up with my blog, you have seen many of the posts where I announced various calls for submissions.  This past month, however, I’ve  taken a close look at some of the poems that have been rejected again and again, and thinking a bit about a recent post at Indiana Review.  For some reason, my WordPress link button doesn’t seem to be working, so I will just paraphrase what the editors have to say in their post about what’s wrong with often-rejected poems: boring first lines, too many images clustered together, failure to transcend,  abstract or clichéd language, and weak endings.

Right now I have a pile of those “often-rejected poems.”  One poem, in particular, has been rejected 12 times.  My plan in the next few weeks is to take a look at these poems to see what needs to be revisited.  Is it the beginning?  Do I make big leaps between the lines that may confuse the reader?  Do I have predictable, blah last lines?  What can I get rid of? And maybe, what should I keep?