And Autumn Settles In….

I love the snap of color in Autumn, the bright yellow goldenrod, the orange  leaves, the red edges of Sumac.  Anthony doesn’t like  Fall because he says he knows “what’s coming” but I love this time of year. I love the weather, the colors, the food (yes, I have already drank my share of Apple cider for the year) Yesterday, when I drove home from work, I suddenly felt lucky.  Lucky to have a job, lucky to have my friends and colleagues at JCC, lucky to have my family, heck, even lucky to have my two happy and healthy cats (even if they tend to wake me up at 4 am). 

I’m even lucky to be grading.  (Did I just write that?).  I have been busy with piles of papers.  For the first assignment in my Writing About Literature class, I asked my students to write about their favorite book or their favorite children’s book.  I held my breath, waiting for their written responses, mostly because everyone says “No one reads anymore.”

I never really thought that statement was true.  After all, students probably don’t read what we as English Professors think they should be reading (Moby Dick, anyone?), but many of my students are reading.  Thankfully, no one mentioned Twilight, but many students did talk about Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and other Young Adult dystopian novels.  For my readers who work with young people, you know that dystopia is the trend.  (See this article here) Since I too indulge in dystopian literature, I found some great book recommendations!



  1. Justin Evans Said:

    F.451—the ultimate dystopian novel, because it is coming true.

  2. Kathleen Kirk Said:

    Happy Fall. I appreciated your poem in the new Poemeleon! I was delighted we were in it together!

  3. kweyant Said:

    Thanks Kathleen, I put a quick link up today!

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