Hello, July!

Exactly six months ago, I made a New Year’s Resolution to try to get 100 rejections in the year 2012.   This, of course, would mean that I would write more and submit more.  In fact, I wanted to submit to at least 10 journals a month.  For those of you who readily follow my blog, you know that I have struggled with this goal, and this past month has been no exception.

Since the year is half over, I should have about 50 rejections (and 50 dollars in my rejection jar!)  But I’m not even close. As of today, I have 18 rejections.  I don’t want to dwell on rejection count, but this resolution has made me learn a lot about my own writing process.  I’m not a fast writer.  Yes, it’s true that I write everyday, but the writing comes in different forms including working on revisions and writing reviews.  I’m also my own worst critic.  I worry about everything from putting commas at the end of endstopped lines to writing the same poem again and again.  While I never want to send out junk, I should probably not worry so much about the little things.

So, with all of this said, it’s on to July!  To be honest, all I want to do today is take a nap.  Why?  This past week, I spent an exhausting, but fulfilling week, as the professor in JCC’s Young Writers’ Studio where we visited Chautauqua listening to different literary speakers including Billy Collins, Meg Wolitzer, and Dame Julie Andrews.  Yes, you heard that last name correctly.   Apparently, Julie Andrews is still very popular with teens my students’ ages.  Who would have thought that Mary Poppins would still be so famous!

I’m looking forward to returning to a more regular writing schedule where I will have time to revise the bits and pieces of poems that are piled in my journal.


  1. You deserve that nap! Happy July to you, too!

  2. Laura Davis Said:

    I know what you mean about not being a “fast writer” – do you think we might just need time to refill the ideas portion of our brains? I find that when I can’t write, it’s because I probably need to read.

  3. Laura Davis Said:

    Thanks for sharing this. I admire your goal and I like that you’ve realized you aren’t a “fast writer” – I’ve had the same realization, but it’s hard when you come out of an MFA with a high output. Sometimes I think we just need to stop and read and let the idea-bucket in our brain fill til it’s overflowing. 🙂

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