In the last month or so, I have collected a huge pile of poetry books.  I have to tell you, dear Reader, that I don’t often get this behind in my reading, and poetry books seldom are left unread in my household, but because I have picked up so many new books in the last month or so (I even won three books of poems from the Big Poetry Giveaway), I am swamped.

And I have not yet mentioned the piles of student papers that are here (or will soon be here) because of the end-of-the-semester rush.  Anthony once calculated how many pages I typically read at the end of the semester.  His final verdict was 800 pages.  I wish he hadn’t told me.

Of course, this is all coming with the spring celebrations of graduations and family reunions.  Plus, I have to get some yardwork done (right now, it looks like we are living in the middle of a hayfield, our grass is so long!)

So what does this all mean?  Basically, the blog will be silent for at least a week.  Also, emails may go unanswered.  I’m also behind in my reviews.  In the last month or so, some of you have written about posting information and reviews on my blog, and I’m behind in those activities as well.  But, I will catch up after final grades are turned in! Promise.

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  1. I hear you. I’m reviewing a couple of books, so those are at the top of the queue, but the stack is so high beyond it I don’t even know where to begin.

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