Thursday Morning Bits

We are slowly wrapping up the semester here at JCC and my students in my creative writing class are revising their work for their final portfolio.  Yesterday we had an Online Literary Journal Scavenger Hunt where we met in the computer lab to look at various journals.  Their class assignment was to pick their favorite literary journal and discuss why, citing specific works found in the journal.  So which journal ended up being the class favorite?  Blackbird.

Special thanks goes to Will Nixon who posted my poem “The Boy Who Ate Cigarettes” on his blog along with his own poem, “A Natural History fo Cigarette Butts.”  Who would have ever guessed that there were two of us in the poetry world who could (and would) write about boys eating cigarettes! 🙂

Finally, I  don’t know if I have a lot of readers in the area, but if you happen to be around Lakewood, New York, on Saturday afternoon, stop by Holly Richardson’s Off the Beaten Path, an independent book store located at 28 Chautauqua Avenue.  I will be reading at 2:30 pm.  Copies of Wearing Heels in the Rust Belt will also be for sale.  Off the Beaten Path is celebrating its three-year anniversary (go Independent bookstores!!!!), so besides my reading, there will be bookstore bargains and free food.

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