Blog Silence

Tomorrow I will be traveling to the ASA Conference in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  As I have mentioned before, I am super excited about this trip — I have never been to an ASA Conference before and I love multidisciplinary conferences.  I’m also super excited to go to the conference for another reason — I am going technology free.  Yep, no laptops, no access to computers.  (Okay, I’m bringing my cell phone — but trust me, it’s a very old model.  I can barely send text messages on it!)  Lately, because of work, I have felt tethered to my computer, so I’ve decided I need a break from technology — thus, my blog will be silent until I get back, and I won’t be responding to emails.  However, I will be back on Sunday!

Have a great week, and for those of you in the East, enjoy this great weather!

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