Springing Ahead: The Poetry Edition

My students have a bit of Spring Fever and to be honest, I think they caught it from me.  Since the weather has warmed, I’ve been in a tizzy, and falling behind on my poetry related goals.  But I’m slowly getting back on track.

As I mentioned before, March has been my month of revision.  I have yet to draft a totally new poem.  Instead, I have been cleaning out my files, getting rid of duplicate poems and duplicate ideas. Surprisingly, I have found some really good drafts that never made it to any sort of “final poem.” 

In other news, I have been catching up on my reading.  I have to admit that I’ve read a lot of poetry collections that have not really impressed me — I mean they were solid collections, but nothing stood out.  But recently, I read three collections that really were fantastic.  I want to write reviews on all three, but time constraints will probably prevent me from doing so.  And speaking of reviews, Rattle has a copy of Wearing Heels in the Rust Belt — if you want a free copy in exchange for a review, please contact the editors!

Finally, in a few days I will be leaving town to attend the annual conference of the Appalachian Studies Association.  This is the first time that I have ever attended this conference, so I’m really looking forward to the trip.  Plus, I will be reading with Paula Bohince, a poet I really admire.  While JCC does not have Spring Break until the start of April, I’m going to consider this trip a precursor to the real thing!



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