A Week of New Poets

This was one of those weeks of 1,000 student papers, but I still made time to read 2011 Best New Poets edited by D.A. Powell.  I have to admit that this is the first time I have read any of the volumes in this series, and I can’t really say enough how much I enjoyed this particular collection.  In essence, I found so many new poets to love.  Highlights? Natalie Giarratano explores a coyote infested landscape in “New Coyote,” Jennifer Luebbers ponders how the world looks for a missing girl in “Recess,” and Chelsea Woodard looks at porn magazines in “Finding the Porn Magazine.”  (I should probably clarify that last statement — Woodard’s poem is really a thoughtful narrative about glimpsing part of the adult world through a 12-year-old’s eyes).

The bad news about reading a collection like this is that when I stumbled upon poems I really liked, I instantly looked at the back to read the contributors’ notes.  And then I remembered:  the guidelines for this collection request that those who enter submissions must not have full length collections of poetry published. Rats.  Thus, no new books for me.  I do hope, however, that some of my favorite poets I pointed out in this volume will have books out soon.


  1. Justin Evans Said:

    A lot of the poets do have books coming out very soon by the time the volume comes out. Keep looking. And then there are always the chapbooks!

  2. Karen Weyant Said:

    Hi Justin — I looked for chapbooks too (being a chapbook type of gal myself). But I will keep looking!

  3. D A Powell Said:

    Since doing the selection process, I’ve heard from several of the poets that they have chapbooks coming out or, at least in a couple cases, whole collections. It was a great chance for me to discover so many new voices. I hope you continue to enjoy the anthology 🙂

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