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A Week of New Poets

This was one of those weeks of 1,000 student papers, but I still made time to read 2011 Best New Poets edited by D.A. Powell.  I have to admit that this is the first time I have read any of the volumes in this series, and I can’t really say enough how much I enjoyed this particular collection.  In essence, I found so many new poets to love.  Highlights? Natalie Giarratano explores a coyote infested landscape in “New Coyote,” Jennifer Luebbers ponders how the world looks for a missing girl in “Recess,” and Chelsea Woodard looks at porn magazines in “Finding the Porn Magazine.”  (I should probably clarify that last statement — Woodard’s poem is really a thoughtful narrative about glimpsing part of the adult world through a 12-year-old’s eyes).

The bad news about reading a collection like this is that when I stumbled upon poems I really liked, I instantly looked at the back to read the contributors’ notes.  And then I remembered:  the guidelines for this collection request that those who enter submissions must not have full length collections of poetry published. Rats.  Thus, no new books for me.  I do hope, however, that some of my favorite poets I pointed out in this volume will have books out soon.