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January Tally Marks

January has been a busy month.  Besides the start of school, I have been trying to keep up on individual writing/reading/publishing goals. This past month, I think I’ve written five new poems.  I say think because I’m never really sure when I am finished with a poem.  I really like to let my poems breathe a bit before I send them out to find homes.  Once, I wrote this poem that I thought I really liked — I sent said poem out five or six times and got rejected.  I took another hard look at that poem and ended up breaking it apart and writing two poems — like when a worm breaks in half and both parts wiggle away.    The good news is that both poems got published!

I digress.  I wanted to send poems out to 10 journals per month this year, and this past month, I barely made that goal.  Do I not know enough journals?  Am I not simultaneously submitting enough?  Am I not writing enough poems to send out?  I’m not sure, but I promised myself that I would be more aggressive this year with submissions, so I need to work on this number.

Other number news?  Three acceptances and one rejection.  And many, many journals that still have my poems.  Plus, I did end up reading 10 poetry collections this past month (full length collections and chapbooks).  Like I mentioned before, it’s going to be a great year in poetry!

A final note for the month: for those who preordered my new chapbook, publishing schedule is on time, so Wearing Heels should be in your mailbox very soon!