White Christmas?

That actually remains to be seen. Last weekend, we had a bit of snow, but during the last few days,  it’s been spring-like weather here in Western Pennsylvania with rain and warm temperatures.  Yes, this kind of weather has made the flurry of last-minute shopping and holiday visiting a bit easier — but it doesn’t feel much like Christmas.  Still, rumor has it we might get an inch or two of snow on Saturday, just enough to cover the mud, and perhaps coat the world in a bit of holiday spirit.

This blog will be quiet until after the holidays when I start posting my Best of 2011 lists and my 2012 collections to come. Anthony and I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!


  1. While I was up home in Iowa last weekend, my mom’s favorite meteorologist posted a statistic and talked about it. Waterloo, IA (my northern home), has a 41% record of white Christmases over the past hundred to a hundred and twenty-five years. Des Moines was only 38%. This goes directly against all of my memories and myths. For me, there is always a raging blizzard right before or on Christmas that makes travel difficult, but delights the kids. 🙂

  2. Our little bit of rain turned to a little bit of snow last night…but I doubt it will be a white Christmas in central Illinois. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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